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We are loving hobby breeders and home to outstanding, healthy, well looked after Shar Pei. 
We are proud to introduce you to our Shar Pei who live with us inside our home.
Dexter - Barnsley
I would have absolutely no hesitation in buying a puppy from Sarah at Yuanpei again! Dexter my blue brushcoat boy is absolutely fantastic ....
Yuanpei Shar Pei:
Bred with care, shown off with pride & owned with love! We have a variety of colours, including my favorite colour: Blue.

Dennis - Leicester
We are so pleased to have purchased such a lovely dog from Sarah at Yuanpei, it is clear that he was raised with much love and attention and he is such a loving puppy. He is a very confident pup and is learning really quickly at puppy classes! The online photo album Yuanpei provided throughout Dexter's first 8 weeks of life was a brilliant idea and we always looked forward to updates which were very regular with hundreds of photos at a time! It really helped with the 8 week wait and was great to see how quickly all the pups grew!

The puppy pack that came with Dennis was amazing! It had everything in that we could possibly want - the only fault was that we had to resist shopping for him before he came home because Sarah had already got everything he needed!
We would really like to get Dennis a brother or sister when he gets a bit older and definitely will go back to Yuanpei as we couldn't imagine anyone could provide a service as good as them! 
Dexter - Barnsley
I would have absolutely no hesitation in buying a puppy from Sarah at Yuanpei again!
Dexter my blue brushcoat boy is absolutely fantastic in every way and I absolutely love him.

Sarah is fantastic help with queries and information and Dexter has been the most laid back, friendly pup you could ask for. 10 out of 10 I will be back for more!!!!

Kobe - Manchester
Kobe is such an affectionate and playful puppy, we couldn't imagine our lives without him! Yuanpei have been faultless with their support throughout the puppy buying process and they are always willing to answer any questions (no matter how silly they may be!).

We were able to get to know both of Kobe's parents which filled us with confidence that our puppy was the product of responsible breeding. I would recommend Yuanpei to all my family and friends!

Honestly we can't thank Sarah enough for all her support! Kobe is such a happy dog.
Logan - Stoke
We looked long and hard to find a good breeder with good intentions, this is when we came across Sarah at Yuanpei. Sarah gives all her pups nothing but the very best start in life, her dogs are her life. We could visit as often as we liked, and the regular photo updates that she sent us were great. On top of all that the lady is a walking encyclopaedia of SharPei knowledge if Sarah doesn't know the answer herself she will know someone that does.

Our blue brush coat boy (Logan) is great we are on our second puppy class and while all the other pups are barking and going mad Logan just sits there looking at them as if he's thinking "shut up your giving me a head ache" oh and he's started to hump his bed a little early I thought but hey ho (randy little thing) thanks again Sarah for giving Logan a great start in life and I will be back in 12months to give Logan a play mate perhaps a bear coat.
Silver - Durham
I don't think we could of found a better breeder to buy our puppy from! I was shocked at how well Silver has fit in to our home from day one.

Anytime we've had a question or just wanted a little advice Sarah has been more than happy to help, if we ever decide to get a little friend for Silver we will deffinetally go back to Yuanpei.
Millie - Scotland
Searching online I came across the Yuanpei website and was very impressed in what I was reading and seeing, all Sarah's dogs are brought up in the house as part of a family with no kennels, runs etc and all potential applicants are vetted as we were. I then contacted Sarah via email and described our lives and why we wanted one of Sarah's pups to come and join our family. We were kept updated via emails of mums progress through pregnancy and pups progress once they had arrived. I would recommend Yanpei to anyone wishing to add a Shar Pei to their family, Sarah takes great care in breeding the best quality Shar Pei she can.

She is always at the other end of the phone to answer any questions we may have and to give advice and support when needed. As a very proud owner of a Shar Pei, Millie is full of fun and life, she puts a huge smile on my face every day and makes me laugh, great around children and other animals too.

I wouldn't hesitate to purchase another SharPei puppy from her in the future.
Fletcher - Ipswich
Fletcher is so lazy, I had never seen a dog fall asleep sitting up before I met Fletcher, he could fall asleep anywhere! I recently did a coffee morning in aid of Meningitis Trust and we had about 40 people round, he just laid in the middle sound asleep with 15 kids running around! I sometimes find it difficult to get him up from his slumber, no matter how much I prod or tickle, he just raises an eyebrow and sinks back down again! He can be a little stubborn, not as much as I expected actually!
The only thing he ever chewed that was naughty was my plant, but once I sprayed it with hairspray he left it alone! He is excellent with visitors, never jumps up or anything, again, taught from day one. People are amazed at how obedient he is for his age. I thought they weren't meant to like water, but Fletcher has already jumped into my Uncles pond and tried to get in the river yesterday! We took him to a lake last week completely forgetting what he is like with birds and he had a field day with the ducks and geese.....he really has more of a drive to get birds rather than cats! I would describe him as intelligent, lazy, a little stubborn, loving & comical! :-)
Dazzle - Scotland
I'm so glad I took my time in finding Sarah at Yuanpeii.
Sarah is such a lovely woman and dog lover and that's exactly what I was looking for . I would buy another pup in a second from anpei.
Everything you need to know and want to know she is just a phone call away. I love my pup so much. Thanks very much Sarah for all the help and giving me a lovely pup cheers xxx
Coco - Manchester
We always found that Sarah was very helpful and informative about our new puppy.
The hard work she put in to raising the puppies and socialising them from an early age has really made our lives easy. Coco, our lilac bear coat looks more like a teddy bear than a puppy and literally stops traffic when we go out. She's a real treasure and is happy and content living with us and loves to make friends with people and dogs whenever she can.
Coco is independent and yet very affectionate, she's chilled out and happy by herself but even happier when she's with us. We felt really involved with the puppies' progress through your regular updates and the photo library was great.
Marlie - Wolverhampton
Just to say a HUGE thank you for all your help!

Marlie our blue girl is an absolute dream to be around. Everyone who meets her falls in love with her, we couldn’t have asked for a better puppy – or a better breeder! We felt that the photo updates were a great bonus and the puppy pack was fantastic.. it kept me out of the pet shops! We were reassured by the fact that we could ask Sarah anything, anytime, and we always got a valuable response.
 I have no doubt that we will keep in touch in the future! We have no hesitation in recommending anyone to Yuanpei, they were a joy to deal with and Sarah couldn’t have been any more help!
Fergus, Freya & Ellie - Aberdeen, Scotland
I bought my first Shar Pei from Sarah at Yuanpei back in April 2011, we now have 3 Shar Pei from Yuanpei 'Fergus' (Blue) 'Freya' (Lilac) and 'Ellie' (Blue Flower).
Sarah has been very supportive and can be contacted at any time to discuss any matters, from a problem to just a general catch up.

I would very strongly recommend Sarah as a breeder because from when the puppies are born to when they are taken home to their new life, the support provided is phenomenal from initial contact through to early development prior to being collected and includes constant updates, photos, texts, telephone calls and advice……in summary I would give Sarah 12 out of 10 and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her as breeder.
Rocco - Balloch, Scotland

I recently bought my beautiful cream bear coated puppy Rocco (named after his dad Rocco) from Sarah at Yuanpei and totally in love with him he's the best puppy ever full of cheek and also love.

Rocco is doing brilliantly he's a little live wire always hyper and a wee bitter. Sarah is always on hand with a quick reply with any worries or concerns. I wouldn't go anywhere else now, other than Yuanpei for my next Shar Pei 10 out of 10 in every area from before during and after receiving Rocco .

Thank you Sarah and we cannot wait to get a companion for Rocco in the very near future from Yuanpei.
Lux - Romsey
I would have no hesitation in recommending a puppy from Sarah at Yuanpei. Lux (Cream), our newest addition is a delight. He is well socialised and gets on fabulous with our children, cats and dog which has helped him to settle in so well.

Having a healthy well bred pup was of most importance and I know we have found this with Sarah at Yuanpei. Even our vets notes say 'lovely looking pup!'.

The biggest proof is we will be back again I'm hoping I will be in contact next year about getting another pup as we would love one from Senna. Xx
Bear - Orpington
Bear our blue bear coat girl has settled in well and is so intelligent! she learn't where the back door was after only days of having her and we have had no mess indoors. She coppies our other Shar Pei Scraggy who is in her element and thinks she has found a new best friend.
Our vet even said she has wonderful eyes and even took pictures of her because he was so impressed! Bear is soooo lovely, thank you so much for the happiness she has brought to us after such a sad time we have had recently.
Beau - Wigan
I couldn't have asked for a better breeder Sarah at Yuanpei has been exceptional from start to finish, she is always there if you have any queries or questions, and her dogs are so loving, lively, and bold.
Beau our blue brush coat girl has such a character that we spend most days laughing at the funny things she does, she has fitted into our home straightaway extremely affectionate and loving.

I feel this is due to Sarah doing what she does best in rearing her dogs from the day they are born to the day they leave! We would be lost without her, and our other Shar Pei Lola would be lost without her new playmate Beau, I will be back for more in the future from Yuanpei!!
Kobi & Darcey - Liverpool
We have just bought two puppies from Sarah at Yuanpei and we are delighted with them both. Kobi (Blue Flower) and Darcey (Blue) are both very playful and good natured.
We were very impressed by the support and knowledge shown by Sarah, we know that we can contact Sarah for any advice in the future which is always reassuring.
Angel - Luton
We bought our first Shar Pei 'Angel' from Sarah at Yuanpei in 2012, we love our blue Angel and it's as though she's always been with us.

She comes out with us everywhere, even happily going out in a tradesman's van when building-materials needed selecting. And each time I watch my wife look down and smile to see Angel trotting happily after her I know we did the right thing.
Thank you
Ella - Leeds
We absolutely love our little lilac brush coat Shar Pei Ella. She has settled like a dream, she was trained to go outside to the toilet immediately and loves interacting with our other 2 Shar-peis, she is very affectionate and chilled out. Whilst waiting for Ella we were kept upto date by Sarah with lots of photos and videos, which enabled us to bond with her even before she joined us.
An added bonus of buying from Yuanpei was Ella being delivered to us, which saved us lots of time not to mention cost. I have been in contact with Sarah since and she has given me advice and answered questions that I have asked, she is clearly a very experienced breeder and I would recommend a Yuanpei pup any day.
Our neighbour even cried when she saw her and said she was the most beautiful puppy she had ever seen.
Bella - Liverpool
We got Bella (Apricot) from Sarah at Yuanpei after falling in love with her pictures. Sarah has answerd all of my questions and has been nothing but helpful and supportive AFTER I purchased Bella.

I find Yuanpei's Facebook group really good, that way you can keep in touch with her and other new puppy owners. If you have a question Sarah always has the answer. I would absolutely 100% honestly recommend Sarah at Yuanpei as her love and care show in the pups you purchase. We will be back for more playmates for my Bella from Yuanpei.

We just want to thank you again for everything, we love our Bella she has fitted in straight away and is starting to become a diva already.
Mexx - Alfeld, Germany
We would like to sincerely say thank you to Sarah at Yuanpei.

We have a beautiful but naughty dog 'Mexx'. Sarah is a lovely breeder who brought Mexx to us in Germany. Everything was very straightforward. Papers in immediately and there was gifts for 'Mexx' too.

We would buy a puppy again from Sarah at Yuanpei.
Thank you so much!
Greetings Melli (Wrinkle Kiss)
Anna Williams - South Yorkshire  [ Stud service  ]
I chose Senna from many other studs advertised because he was an ideal match for my Tilly.
Having never had a litter before it was important to me that I was happy with the stud and also the owner, Sarah at Yuanpei helped me through every step of the way and couldn't have been any more helpful.
We had 7 wonderful blue and lilac puppies from Tilly and Senna and all have grown wonderfully. Sarah came to visit the puppies and also microchipped them whilst she was here. We kept a puppy for ourselves and will be back to Yuanpei next year for their services again.
Thank you so much
Keith Taylor - London  [ Stud service  ]
Senna was just as we expected we chose our stud through photographs and videos' sent to us by Sarah at Yuanpei as we live over 300miles away. When we arrived we were given the chance to meet Senna up close and personal then explained in depth what was going to happen next as we hadn't done this before.
Chloe is our baby and we felt so relaxed in the knowledge that Sarah was experienced for every situation. Due to our distance we left Chloe with Sarah for 5days and received daily photo's and a video of the following matings. We were very pleased when Chloe was confirmed in whelp with 6 puppies, Sarah was on hand through Skype for the whole 5 hour labour.

We never even had to advertise the puppies as people found us on Yuanpei's website. We currently have no plans to breed again but should we change our mind we know where to come. 10 out of 10
Sophie Walker - Somerset  [ Stud service  ]
When we decided to breed Luna we searched far and wide, as soon as I seen Yuanpei's studs I knew we had found the right place. All their boys are gorgeous and we struggled choosing as they were all just so good. Sarah helped us choose the best match for Luna considering her height and build and we went with Senna.
As we are a 10 hour round trip from Yuanpei we left Luna with Sarah and received daily updates which gave me great pleasure knowing she was okay. She had so much of a great time she didn't want to come home!
Luna had 6 amazing blue and lilac puppies to Senna it was hard choosing which to keep for ourselves. We are in contact with all the buyers some of which found us through Sarah's site, all comment on how relaxed and beautiful their puppy is. We couldn't thank Sarah enough for helping us through every day and my constant pestering.
5* service we have already recommended Yuanpei for puppy and stud services.
Janet Kehoe - Lincolnshire  [ Stud service  ]
We had bred Daisy once before and this time wanted to do it properly so found Sarah at Yuanpei. Our previous experience was a nightmare from start to finish as we hadn't gone to a reputable breeder, we were delighted with all the information and links sent through by Sarah.

We also received a full help guide at point of mating so I knew exactly what to do on the given days over the next 17 weeks.
This time I was able to enjoy the whole experience with knowing Sarah was around for help and advice.


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