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We are loving hobby breeders and home to outstanding, healthy, well looked after Shar Pei. 
We are proud to introduce you to our Shar Pei who live with us inside our home.
Dexter - Barnsley
I would have absolutely no hesitation in buying a puppy from Sarah at Yuanpei again! Dexter my blue brushcoat boy is absolutely fantastic ....
Yuanpei Shar Pei:
Bred with care, shown off with pride & owned with love! We have a variety of colours, including my favorite colour: Blue.

Bringing your new puppy home

The big day has arrived, all the planning and preparation is over. It’s time to collect your puppy and welcome him or her into your home. Here are a few tips to make sure the big day goes smoothly.

Before you leave
Arrange to collect your puppy from us during the morning, this way you’ll have plenty of time to get your new puppy settled in before night-time. Please try to bring someone along with you, a friend or family member is usually a good idea. This way you can concentrate on your new addition all the way home. Place your puppy’s bed where it will always be, ideally this should be a quiet corner where he or she won’t be disturbed and can retreat to easily when he or she fancies a nap.

What to bring along
A few empty water bottles, kitchen paper, carrier bags or a couple of old towels incase of any accidents en route home. Try not to hold your puppy on your lap. This is dangerous in the event of an accident and sets a very unhealthy precedent.

What to ask us
Make sure you know details of what your puppy is currently being fed and at what times. Information on grooming and general care. Details of the puppy’s worming schedule. Details of any free insurance and a receipt for any monies you have paid. If you’ve previously given us a towel with your scent on it make sure you have it back for the journey home. As us to fill up your empty bottles with our tap water as it is possible that a sudden change in water type could cause stomach upset

The journey home
If you have managed to find a driver, sit near your puppy so that you can comfort him or her, but only if he or she really panics. If your puppy is sick in the car please don’t panic. Many young dogs vomit in cars until they get used to the experience. Please ensure the car is well ventilated without being draughty and the puppy is in the shade.

Arriving home
After the car journey, your puppy will want to stretch his or her legs and perhaps relieve their self, so take your puppy straight into your garden or the place you have chosen as it’s toilet area and say your ‘magic’ word. Let your puppy continue to run around and explore the new surroundings. Then take him or her into the kitchen offer them water and if he or she is due a feed give them a meal. Let him or her sniff around the kitchen and take them outside for another opportunity, and then settle him or her into the bed for a nap. As soon as your puppy wakes take them outside again. Then it’s time to introduce the rest of the family!


no calls after 9pm please