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We are loving hobby breeders and home to outstanding, healthy, well looked after Shar Pei. 
We are proud to introduce you to our Shar Pei who live with us inside our home.
Dexter - Barnsley
I would have absolutely no hesitation in buying a puppy from Sarah at Yuanpei again! Dexter my blue brushcoat boy is absolutely fantastic ....
Yuanpei Shar Pei:
Bred with care, shown off with pride & owned with love! We have a variety of colours, including my favorite colour: Blue.

How much exercise do sharpei need?
SharPei are a fairly active breed but you don’t have to be a marathon runner to keep your SharPei in shape. I would say a one hour walk a day is more than enough.


How big do sharpei grow?
The average height is 18-20inches at the withers (shoulders). The average weight is 18-25kgs.


sharpei are known as Chinese fighting dogs, does this mean they are aggressive?
No. As long as you socialise them with other dogs at an early age they will be fine with other dogs. All the text books say they are excellent guard dogs, I have to disagree with this statement as ours are all big softie’s!


sharpei have wrinkly skin do you have to put cream or powder in between the wrinkles?
No. It’s a myth.


Do sharpei suffer with skin problems?
SharPei can suffer with skin problems due to a poor diet which can cause a food allergy. We strongly recommend our puppies are fed James WellBeloved ‘Cereal Free’ (only comes in a green foil bag)


How old do sharpei live to?
8 -12 years


What kind of temperament has a sharpei got?
SharPei are very affectionate, loving and devoted to the owners. They love to play and live as part of the family and are very independent.


The puppies are SO cute and wrinkly! Do they stay this wrinkly?
No. In the adult SharPei the wrinkling is confined mainly to the forehead, withers and base of tail however, some will have more wrinkles than others. Generally brush coats keep most of the wrinkles whilst the original horse coat looses most of their wrinkles.

Are they good with other dogs? Children? Cats and other pets?
Yes. Like most breeds if raised with children and other pets the SharPei will be a loving member of the family.


Why do sharpei shy away when a person tries to pet them on the head or approaches too quickly?
The SharPei’s eyes are hooded by skin, which limits their peripheral vision. As a result, they have difficulty seeing people approach from either side until they’re almost directly in front of them. The sudden appearance startles the dogs, which causes them to shy away.


Do sharpei snore?
Oh yes! SharPei snore, some more than others. The SharPei also snort which can be mistaken for growling.


So sharpei moult much?


Do sharpei drool?
Only after they eat do they get slobbery due to water getting trapped in the folds of their muzzle. Ask us about the special bowls which can prevent drool and keep your floors dry


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