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We are loving hobby breeders and home to outstanding, healthy, well looked after Shar Pei. 
We are proud to introduce you to our Shar Pei who live with us inside our home.
Dexter - Barnsley
I would have absolutely no hesitation in buying a puppy from Sarah at Yuanpei again! Dexter my blue brushcoat boy is absolutely fantastic ....
Yuanpei Shar Pei:
Bred with care, shown off with pride & owned with love! We have a variety of colours, including my favorite colour: Blue.


Phoenix is our UK bred apricot girl. Phoenix’s colour changes throughout the year and sometimes will be a very pale dusky pink when her new coat comes though.

 Myself and my partner both have nicknames for Phoenix which she answers to! I call her Pancake and my partner calls her Pudding ! I shouldn’t have favourites but I do!

 Phoenix is my special girl, I bought her after going through a very traumatic time and I have a bond with her like a daughter. Phoenix comes everywhere with me, the ladies at our local market don’t know my name but they know Phoenix’s name and always have a treat for her. Phoenix is typical of the breed and would guard me with her life if needed.

 Phoenix is the one I take with us on late night walks to protect me and the pack. She sleeps on my bed and even shares my pillow which is great when she’s snoring at 4am !




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