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We are loving hobby breeders and home to outstanding, healthy, well looked after Shar Pei. 
We are proud to introduce you to our Shar Pei who live with us inside our home.
Dexter - Barnsley
I would have absolutely no hesitation in buying a puppy from Sarah at Yuanpei again! Dexter my blue brushcoat boy is absolutely fantastic ....
Yuanpei Shar Pei:
Bred with care, shown off with pride & owned with love! We have a variety of colours, including my favorite colour: Blue.

We at Yuanpei are extremely proud of our SharPei and puppies. We do not breed often but when we do, we breed to the SharPei standard with care and dedication. If you want 2nd best then please look elsewhere, only serious enquiries welcome. If you wish to enquire please send your details including name, address, telephone number and why you want a SharPei.

If you are REALLY interested in one of our puppies then please contact us telling us about yourself, your home life, garden, your working arrangements (if any), any children you may have now or plans for in the future & your current understanding of the SharPei breed & what sort of life you can offer one of my puppies. I have very strict criteria when it comes to finding homes for my puppies.

We love our puppies very much and therefore it is important to us to find permanent and loving forever homes for them.

When you adopt a puppy from us your puppy will come:

If eye tac’s are required we will have this completed by our breed friendly vet at our expense before the puppy leaves our home.
If for any reason you can no longer care for your Yuanpei puppy we will take back the puppy/dog and find another home as we do not want any of our puppies or dogs in shelters with this in mind we may occasionally have older dogs available for re-homing.

 Once you have chosen your Puppy… We will accept a non-refundable deposit, the puppy will not leave our home until he/she is fully paid for.

We do occasionally ship our puppies. The shipping and export cost is extra and will be paid by the new parent. The puppy must be paid for in full by 8 weeks and will not leave our home until the shipping cost is paid for in full. The price for the cost of shipping will be provided to you after we have received the deposit.

Your new Puppy… Your Puppy will be socialised with my other dogs, adults, children along with regular outings in the car. From the moment the puppies ears are open at approx. 2 weeks of age, I begin playing music, hoover and get them really used all aspects of family living. Our puppies are raised with the Puppy Plan.

All our puppies are endorsed with the Kennel Club. This is mainly to prevent the puppies from ending with puppy farmers & indiscriminate breeders. Endorsements may be lifted at my discretion after the age of 18 months (less for a boy).

 So, please feel free to contact me, we are always happy to advise and help you.


no calls after 9pm please